At Medspark RCM, innovation is our guiding principle..

You focus on providing the highest standard of care

Our strategic focus on the healthcare industry provides us with domain expertise and best practices that help our clients.

We are an analytics driven, technology enabled Revenue Cycle Management (“RCM”) Company providing medical billing, medical coding, practice consultant and business analytics services to Hospitals, Clinics, Providers, and Healthcare Organizations.

Why Choose Us?

CLINICAL – Reduce the time and cost, simplifying work for investigators and bringing  more revenue quickly.

HOSPITAL – Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) bundled payment in medical billing and Coding solutions to healthcare providers, our proven innovative strategy that increase revenue by 25-50% RESOLVE supply to the Companies in various geographical areas.

Outsourcing revenue cycle management to Medspark will ensure a more streamlined, cost-effective medical billing process, which will result in a reduction in write-offs, an accelerated revenue generation cycle and improved patient-provider relationships.

We also provide trained and skilled professionals to optimize and to have more efficient results in terms of positive revenue.

Medspark rcm


Medspark enables clinics, hospitals, healthcare systems, medical groups, medical billing companies, and boutique RCM software and services firms to grow and thrive.


Revenue Cycle Services

Medspark RCM is a healthcare revenue cycle management company, that focuses on providing end-to-end medical billing services and also provide complete Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions for the clients.


Medical Billing

Medical Billing is the process of submitting and following upon on all the claims with the health insurances in order to receive payments for services rendered by the healthcare provider.


Medical Coding

At Medspark RCM, we understand that medical billing and coding is one of the most important processes in healthcare revenue cycle management preceding a claim submission.


Accounts Receivables

Our account receivable service improves cash flow, reduces account receivables, increases collection ratios, and enhances customer relationships with timely Accounts Receivable Follow-Up Service.

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Our Training and Workshops

Medical Billing Courses

Our Medical Billing Training department is a team of professional and experienced medical billing experts.

At Medspark we have years of experience in generating optimum denial management processes with the right inputs to get all your applicable departments working together, using common data, and employing industry standards to provide substantial benchmarks and attainable aims.

The student will learn principles of medical billing related to proper claim form preparation, submission, and payment processing, and the follow up process. This course is recommended for anyone who is preparing for a career in a medical billing department at a physician’s office, clinic, or other healthcare entity, and as a claims examiner for insurance carriers.