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Medical Billing

As a certified medical biller, you will likely build your career in a hospital, private practice, or outpatient facility. Whatever the location, you will become a valuable link in the provider’s revenue cycle. Once you receive medical billing training, you will learn to cooperate with coders and insurance companies to oversee the reimbursement process.

Medical Coding

With our affordable medical coding courses, healthcare specialists and transcriptionists can elevate their skills to eventually pass the CPC test and rake in much more in annual salaries than entry-level coders. As a CPC-certified coder, you’ll still work alongside billers, payers, and patients on the healthcare provider’s side. 

Comprehensive CPB Certification Course

The Certified Professional Biller (CPB) credential prepares medical billers with skills to maintain all aspects of the revenue cycle. Without expertise in medical billing and the nuances of payer requirements, healthcare provider reimbursement may be compromised.

Career-focused training programs

with concentrations to help you build relevant credentials

Medspark training program will provide the student with the knowledge and understanding to analyze medical records and assign codes to classify diagnoses and procedures while applying the principles of professional and ethical conduct.

Experienced medical billers make great money because properly coded medical reports mean more income for the physicians.

Our ultimate goal is to prepare students academically, personally and professionally for successful careers in their chosen fields.

Course Objective

In the case of both Medical billing and Medical coding with Certification which are provided both Online and Classroom Training. Medical Coders take medical reports from doctors, which may include a patient’s situation, the doctor’s analysis, a treatment, and whatever actions the doctor or healthcare contributor performed on the patient, and turn that into a set of codes, which make up an essential part of the medical claim.

Instructors with Onsite/Real time experience

Instructors have “been there, done that” and know not only what it takes to create career opportunities in your field of interest but also how you’ll be able to apply your industry-current education once you make your move

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Your focus with us will get you placement and also advanced knowledge on the latest technologies of the rapidly growing sectors in the medical coding. Students friendly pricing for the certificate programs helps individuals to get their Professional Medical Coding Certificate Through Online Exam easier than ever! Expertise in reviewing and assigning accurate medical codes for diagnoses, procedures, and services performed by physicians and other qualified healthcare providers in the office or facility setting (eg, inpatient hospital) Proficiency across a wide range of services, including evaluation and management, anesthesia, surgery, radiology, pathology, and medicine.