About Us

About Us

Your Success Is Our Purpose

Medspark RCM, is a leading provider of cost and process optimization solutions to clients in the healthcare industry. You focus on providing the highest standard of care, we focus on improving your administrative, clinical, and financial outcomes, As simple as that. We help hospitals, healthcare systems, medical groups, medical billing companies, and boutique RCM software and services firms to grow and thrive. 

Why us?

Our vision

 To be the ‘partner of choice’ for Medical Billing Outsourcing services to Health care companies and medical practices.

Our Mission

Our mission serves as building blocks for our organization and enumerates the very purpose for our existence as an organization


Our strategic focus on the healthcare industry provides us with domain expertise and best practices that help our clients to -

Our passion to serve our customers in every possible way and always try to exceed the expectations of our customer is the driving force behind our guiding principle of Innovation.